This Land is My Land!


“For those who own property and think that their rights are totally protected by law and common sense, think again. They are not!”

Read this book and consider would/could you have fought this epic land battle as Peter Wise did?



A tale with a wealth of history
1730 England – 2013 Australia
Family Ties, Hard Times, Disappointment, Anger, Friends and Enemies

“This Land is My Land” is Peter Wise’s contribution, hopefully, to inspire others who feel the odds are against them in the pursuit of fairness.
Property owners be aware the system may be designed to work against your perception of justice.
After reading “This Land is My Land”, ratepayers throughout the country may cringe when they realize they are paying the cost if incompetence and skull duggery is the norm in their local authority.

A 45 minute DVD “History (Wise) on the Sunshine Coast” is complementary with the purchase of the book “This Land is My Land”.

Peter Wise