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This LAND is

Turning the Soil, Exposing the Dirt


“For those who own property and think that their rights are totally protected by law and common sense, think again. They are not!”

Read this book and consider would/could you have fought this epic land battle as Peter Wise did?

Hi, my name is Peter Wise and farming has been my life at Wise’s Farm, Wises Road, Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia.

This book aimed at helping astute Australians who have right on their side and a desire to fight for that right.

To be aware of administrative bungles that can affect us all, but most importantly it is a call to
“Never, never, never give in”

Testament to the value of
“This is my Land”

 … The couple sought advice from prominent Maroochydore land owner Peter Wise who battled council for 11 years to remove an illegal swimming pool built on his land…

Farming in a Holiday Playground

Book Launch and Council Presentation – 2013

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Mr Peter Wise | $25 ($20 Book + $5 Postage & Handling)
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